Today, over 250 new laws go into effect as passed during the springtime Maryland General Assembly session. Your Maryland lawyers and Baltimore Marijuana Lawyer wanted to provide a few highlights.

Maryland Lawyer rundown:

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Maryland lawyer Jeremy Eldridge never needs to worry about seeing these words, and now doesn’t need to worry about his non-existent winnings, because of the gambling loophole

  • The maximum penalty for simple possession of Marijuana has been reduced from 1 year to 90 days.  The practical effect of this is to deny persons their right to a jury trial, since Maryland’s constitution provides a jury trial right for cases originating in District Court only if the maximum penalty carries over 90 days.  Fear not!  There is a provision in the law that automatically grants a stay of any jail sentence for appeal purposes (in other words, you won’t be going to jail right away).  [cannot find link to statute – but the language is in this earlier post]
  • Scooter and Moped drivers must have helmets, be licensed, & have proper MVA decals.  See here.
  • I’m pretty sure children now must be in child seats until their 18th birthday…just kidding.  But 4’9″ and 85 lbs is bigger than some adults.
  • Domestic violence laws are passed that impact unemployment and tracking DV cases.
  • Most importantly, Jeremy Eldridge can legally lose money on fantasy football without worry of prosecution.

Baltimore Marijuana Lawyer Bottom line: check out the links for more information

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