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This Baltimore Small Business lawyer, has what some would call a fatal attraction to those iconic, fudge-covered cookies - the Berger Cookie.  If there is a box of cookies around, watch out, because I may devour them all.  If you have been watching or reading the news, you may have heard that the factory was recently shut down.  Depending on the source, it was closed because of:

The O's and Camden Yards crime: A guest post written by “The Intern,” who for the sake of his legal career will remain anonymous

The Boys of Summer are back in Baltimore, and so far they are even winning ballgames. Winning baseball games has unfortunately become an abnormality in the Charm City, a town that has become more well known for the HBO Series The Wire than its once rich tradition of pennants and trophies. However, there is another Orioles' tradition that continues to thrive. That is the tradition of drunken half naked fans scampering incoherently and belligerently on the baseball diamond before being smothered into the pitch.  Your Maryland lawyer wants you to know of the history of crimes at Camden Yards and what possible consequences you might face if charged with a crime.

Motives are immaterial

Camden Yards streakers have a 20 year history of  other motives besides the basic 15 seconds of fame. Rationale of past Camden yards Streakers' have included everything from expensive wagers with friends to political protests. In 1999, when the Cuban All-Star team made the historic visit to Camden Yards, four fans ran onto the field yielding signs of protest against Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro. The actions so offended one of the Cuban umpires that the unbiased referee  subsequently lifted the fan turned protestor over his head and threw him to the ground in a move usually reserved for the WWE.

Breaking the Streak

This year, we have already seen four fans run onto the field including Batman and a SportsCenter Top 10 highlight of an umpire taking matters into in his own hands. Fan favorite Adam Jones has begun [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="396" caption=""Batman Begins" the season"][/caption] advocating for the use of tazers, a practice that has become as iconic to Philadelphia as the Philly Cheeseteak. So before consuming that last beer to put you over the fence, you might want to think through the consequences beyond getting a tackle that is normally seen by #52 or even tazered.

If you chose to slide - slide carefully

Maryland Small business fraud prevention tips  - 5 quick tips for data storage

Maryland small business owners should read the news.  At least once a week there is a story about some company having its data storage hacked, stolen, lost, or corrupted.  For example, just last year a Maryland lawyer lost a back-up hard drive that contained client medical records.  Local IT companies are actually doing a good job of trying to warn of the perils of improper data storage (take this article by Next Level Technology for example). Additionally, some Maryland small businesses are more susceptible than others and have greater consequences if there is a data storage breach (i.e. medical, law, or retailers with credit card data).  A data loss can mean a financial loss, fraud issues, regulatory issues, loss of client trust, and possibly civil and criminal penalties.  With all the dangers, here are five simple tips Maryland small businesses can do to help ensure safe data storage.
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