maryland lawyer attorney reckless driving negligent drivingThis ENLawyer wants to explain two of the most common tickets we defend for our clients in Court-Reckless and Negligent Driving. First let us explain each offense…


According to the Maryland Transportation Article 21.901.1, you are guilty of Reckless Driving if you drive a motor vehicle:

(1) In wanton or willful disregard for the safety of persons or property; or
(2) In a manner that indicates a wanton or willful disregard for the safety of persons or property.

The Penalty for Reckless driving with or without an accident is 6 points and $560.00 fine.

According to the same statute, you are guilty of Negligent Driving if you drive a motor vehicle in a careless or imprudent manner that endangers any property or the life or person of any individual.

If no accident is involved, Negligent Driving carries 1 point, $140.00 fine, however if an accident is involved it is 3 points and a $280.00 fine.

Why can’t I just pay the ticket?

If you pay the ticket immediately, you have just entered into a consent judgment, which is not exactly a guilty plea, but has the exact same legal effect. You will be automatically assessed the points, and lose the opportunity to petition the court for PBJ, which would help you avoid the points. For more information on a PBJ, click here. You also lose the ability to negotiate the fine. Having a lawyer who is experienced in the process can be helpful as police officers are more likely to negotiate with the lawyer to avoid a trial or offer a different citation. We negotiate with the police officers regularly on speeding tickets. Moreover, by paying the ticket without a court date, the points assessed could affect your Maryland license, or license in another state. It could also affect your car insurance or umbrella insurance rates as well.

You don’t even have to come to court!

The Transportation Article provides for an exception that allows a Maryland lawyer to waive your appearance in court such that you do not have to attend. The Maryland Lawyer can attend court for you and negotiate the best outcome possible. We represent in-state and out-of-state clients regularly in an effort to make this process as convenient as possible, why producing exemplary results.  Just contact our office for a free consultation!