Last Updated: 05.07.2022

As a Baltimore DUI lawyer, I’m often asked for tips on what to do if/when a person gets pulled over by police under suspicion of DUI.  Unfortunately, the answer isn’t that simple but here are a few tips and things to keep in mind if it ever happens to you.  First, a few things to keep in mind:

  • The MVA consequences of loss of driving privilege and/or interlock on your car for 12 months are worse than what will happen in court.  Many of these tips have minimizing the MVA consequences in mind.
  • There is no right answer, but being polite but remaining quiet is always helpful.  Often drinking loosens lips, and of course, loose lips sink ships, the old WWII adage goes.

Baltimore DUI lawyer: 5 tips when you get pulled over for DUI

Baltimore DUI lawyer

5 tips if you’re ever stopped for DUI so you don’t sink your own ship.

  1. Think fast, but remain calm. Quickly evaluate how much you have had to drink. Try to keep your hands in view at all times, as the officer will view furtive movements as a safety risk, BUT know where you can easily find your license and registration.  Fumbling for these things is often viewed as signs of impairment.  Several people I know keep the insurance and registration in a separate glove-box wallet for quick and easy access.
  2. Field Sobriety Tests are designed to make you fail.  Most people cannot successfully complete them sober.  Remember, you do not have to do them.  You could politely decline.  Very few people know that they can decline Field Sobriety tests. Understand that it will probably infuriate the police officer and will likely require you to spend a night in jail because the officer has already made up his mind that you are DUI. But you are depriving him of evidence of your impairment, and he’s (or she) has probably already made up his mind that you’re drunk just by the smell of one or two drinks on your breath.
  3. Do you blow?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  You need to know yourself.  You can read more in this article here.  The simple rule is that if you are highly intoxicated, you should probably refuse.  If you are only buzzed, you should probably blow.  However, this is all based on your need to keep your driving privilege intact and you blow below .15 BAC.  A lower than .15 BAC will allow your Baltimore DUI lawyer to argue for a restricted driving privilege for 45 or 90 days.  This is generally true of even repeat offenders.
  4. You do not have to say anything, including talk, beyond license, registration, and insurance.  Please keep your mouth shut and don’t incriminate yourself (and no, the cop doesn’t have to read you Miranda Rights).
  5. Call ENlawyers, your Baltimore DUI lawyer