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We care. We work hard. We are not afraid.

At ENLawyers, we care about our clients and their families. Whether you’ve been accused of a crime, injured in an accident, or you are trying to keep your loved one in the country, we understand that your legal matter is likely the most significant event that you have experienced in your life…

At ENLawyers, we work hard. Our attorneys and staff will work tirelessly on your matter. We will explore every possible angle for successful outcome, conduct extensive investigations, research….

At ENLawyers, we are not afraid…

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In addition, we separate ourselves by:

  • Other attorneys do not conduct extensive investigations into the crime.
  • Other attorneys fail to request discovery, which is permitted by the rules.
  • Other attorneys fail to fully test the state’s case.
  • Other attorneys fail to investigate the law-enforcement officers who make the arrest.
  • Other attorneys do not conduct independent investigations and interview all potential witnesses.
  • Other attorneys almost always fail to force the state to produce any discoverable material related to the case.
  • Other attorneys are afraid to go to trial.

This is a combination of lack of knowledge, fear, and laziness on the part of the attorney representing the client. However, it is rare that the client is aware of these issues. At ENLawyers, we promise that will not be the case.

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What our Clients Say


I was so frustrated and devastated after being charged with a criminal offense. After meeting with Jeremy, I immediately felt like I was in great hands and hired him shortly after…Thanks again Jeremy for being a lifesaver & helping us get through this difficult time.



Kurt worked tirelessly to resolve a complicated and frustrating issue we had regarding a power of attorney for a business. He was always accessible throughout the process and took the time to answer any questions promptly… Kurt obtained a perfect result for us and we highly recommend him.


Caring Attorney

Adam Crandell is very caring and good lawyer he doesn’t care about your money all that he want is to give you good service. Thanks soo much for helping me to obtained my green card without hustle through your help am very grateful to you


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