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Baltimore Criminal Lawyer: First-time Offender series – Assault

If you have been charged with a crime as a first-time offender, or are a fan of our website and are waiting for the next installment of our First Time Offender series, wait no further! Our series has taken a brief hiatus and is now back with a new topic.  In the past we have covered crimes including first-time DUIs and possession of marijuana.  Now we are going to discuss second degree assault.  With summer right around the corner and the bar scene heating up, bar fights and scuffles are inevitable.  Luckily we are here with information on what you should do if you are arrested and charged with second degree assault.

Baltimore Criminal Lawyer: Assault in the second degree- What is it?

Most people have witnessed a bar fight.  We have all seen an incident between two people where the two begin to argue, then someone throws a punch.  What you have just witnessed is second degree assault.  Second degree assault is defined as “the crimes of assault, battery, and assault and battery, which retain their judicially determined meaning.”  What does this mean? Essentially, assault in the 2nd degree is an intentional, unconsensual, offensive touching of another, or an attempt to do so; or, a threat of the same with the apparent ability to immediately carry it out, that places a person in a position of imminent bodily harm.

Baltimore Criminal Lawyer: Assault-You’ve been charged, now what?

  1. If you have any injuries as a result of the incident, photograph them.  These can be used as evidence that you were also injured and perhaps allow the use of “self-defense.”  Also, by taking photographs at the time of the incident you can better document the result of the incident where taking pictures after the incident may not be as useful as evidence
  2. If you have talked about the incident: STOP! If you have posted a message on Facebook or tweeted about the incident: STOP! DELETE THE POST! These statements may be incriminating and used against you when your case goes to court.  We can only say it so many times, but please don’t publicize your crimes on the internet!
  3. On the other hand, if the other person has posted on a social media site regarding the incident, print off all of the messages.  As stated in the previous paragraph, these messages may be used in court.

Baltimore Criminal Lawyer: Bottom Line

If this is your first offense, don’t worry; you do not have to deal with this on your own.  There is a team of attorneys at ENLawyers who have experience dealing with these exact issues and they are here to help.  If you have been charged with second degree assault, follow our rules listed above, take a deep breath, and call ENLawyers.