Last Updated: 05.06.2020

As I walked to work this morning I came across several cars with their passenger side windows broken and center consoles opened and ransacked.  I called the police to file a report and while waiting, encountered another person who had recently discovered that his car too had been vandalized.  Fortunately, the perpetrators did not breach the window, but it had been broken.  The gentleman was from Philadelphia and had recently moved here with his wife.

The ugly truth to the matter is that these types of crimes are far too common.  It is a well-established fact that the area in question is notorious for car break-ins.  Every day this writer notices freshly shattered glass on the sidewalk, signifying the previous night’s events.  The police officer that arrived informed us that several people had already filed reports about their cars, and while talking with the officer, he got a radio call that there was another property destruction call around the corner.  All the officer could do was add to the existing report and take the Philadelphian’s contact information to file a new report. Your Baltimore Criminal Lawyer explains how to help prevent this type of incident from happening to you and what to do if it does.

This incident begs the question: What should I do if my car is broken into?

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Call the police.
  3. Take an inventory of all of the items stolen from your car.
  4. Try to pinpoint exactly when you parked your car and the time that you returned to your car.
  5. Speak to the police in a calm and professional matter.  All they can do at that point is to file a report and begin investigating the crime(s).
  6. Call your insurance company. Some insurance companies cover break-ins and vandalism, but that all depends on your specific policy.

Baltimore Criminal Lawyer-How do I prevent these types of occurrences?

  1. Never leave expensive items in plain view inside your car.
  2. If possible, take all valuables out of your car when parking.
  3. Park in well lit areas if you must park on the street.
  4. Ensure your car is locked when leaving.

Baltimore Criminal Lawyer- What can be done in these types of situations?

Regrettably, not much can be done aside from calling the police and filing a report.  The police must conduct their own investigation in the matter.  Luckily in this instance, a nearby building has exterior video cameras pointed in the direction of the vehicles which the police may use to look for any leads.  If found and arrested these individuals can be charged with malicious destruction of property, theft, rogue and vagabond (breaking and entering a vehicle that does not belong to you) or other crimes necessitated by the specific circumstances surrounding the incident.

Baltimore Criminal Lawyer- The Bottom Line

Baltimore City Police are doing their best to combat crime.  These types of crimes, however, typically end with no resolution.  This is through no fault of the police, but alludes to a greater epidemic of crime. As citizens of this great city, we must be vigilant and act as good samaritans to help those in need. The more united the community stands, the stronger it will be to combat crime.  If only Mayor Rawlings-Blake had a Bat-Signal…