Last Updated: 05.06.2020

Starting a business is a scary proposition.   There is a huge amount of information to review and understand from legal hurdles to accounting, to finance and marketing, and HR issues as well. It can be overwhelming and maybe enough to stop you from opening up your shop.

Baltimore small business lawyer

Our initial client interview comprehensive checklists are a sure-fire way to get the job done!

Baltimore Small Business Lawyer: The Problem

As a Baltimore Small business lawyer, we know this problem all too well.  We spend a large amount of time counseling and advising small business owners on how to avoid legal pitfalls.  Often, the conversations end with glassy eyes and upset clients.  As a result of many conversations, we’ve created a simple “startup legal checklist” for small business owners.  While it isn’t a mutually exclusive list, it is designed to get the discussion juices flowing and provide some thought into what problems you may face and where we can help.

The List

  1. What type of business entity do you need to form? (LLC, Partnership, Corporation, etc)
  2. What owners can bind the business? (investors versus managers)
  3. What contracts do you need? (leases, buy/sell agreements, bills of lading, etc)
  4. What type of permits and licenses do you need?
  5. Where do you get the permits and licenses?
  6. Patents, trademarks, or copyrights?
  7. How many employees will you have?
  8. Do you have business secrets to protect?
  9. If you have employees, do you need HR/Legal documentation? (note: the answer should always be YES!)
  10. Do you have Wills and Powers of Attorney in the event of the death/incapacitation of an owner?

Baltimore Small Business Lawyer: The Solution

Of course, this is an abbreviated and non-exclusive list.  At the Law Offices of Eldridge and Nachtman, LLC, our small business clients will work with us to complete an extensive questionnaire at our initial client interview.  We then discuss with you a comprehensive list of what we believe needs to be done, legally speaking.  Then we will quote one price for a set of solutions for all your small business needs.  If you plan on starting a small business, get ahead of the legal curve and contact your Baltimore Small Business lawyer for a consultation and review of your legal checklist!