This Maryland Attorney wants you to know that Identity theft affects people of all ages, including children. Many identity thieves actually prefer to use a child’s personal information, rather than an adult’s, because while many adults keep track of their credit, most do not monitor their child’s credit in any way. However, there are simple warning signs that your child might be the victim of identity theft. Enlawyers wants you to be educated, and be aware of what signs to look for in protecting your child’s future.

Thieves love children because they don't monitor their credit history













 Credit Report

First, check to see if your child has a credit report. Children should not have credit reports because they do not have financial obligations. If your child does have a credit report, contact all three credit bureaus to let them know your child’s situation and ask the company to place a freeze on the child’s credit.

Police Report

After that, contact the local authorities and ask file a police report. This police report may be necessary in the future to show potential creditors that your child is an identity theft victim and is not responsible for any fraudulent charges and/or accounts.

Consequences of failing to follow-up

Child identity theft can have serious consequences. Sometimes, it is not discovered until your child is grown up and tries to take out a loan or finance a vehicle or home. By this time, significant damage has been done to your child’s credit, which can take years to fix. It’s critical to watch for warning signs of child identity theft. By quickly taking action, you can keep your child’s credit from being ruined by an identity thief. If you have any questions regarding ID theft, please do not hesitate, contact this Maryland attorney.