Were you bitten by a dog at work? You’re not alone. This happens to thousands of people while working every year.

If you got bit by a dog at work it is a much more complicated situation than a bit that occurs at home or in your neighborhood. A dog bite at work will usually involve:

  • paperwork
  • investigations
  • workers’ compensation claims
  • health insurance
  • missed work days
  • friction with the dog owner

If you got bit by a dog at work you should definitely seek the help of a Maryland dog bite lawyer. They can help you with any questions you have and assist you in your case.

How Common are Dog Bites at Work?

Only around 2% of dog bites happen while the victim is at work.

Yes, that does not sound like a lot. However, there are more than 4.5 million dog bites in the United States every year. Additionally, as dog ownership has been increased in the United States, the number of dog bite incidents has risen as well.

Since the 1990s the United States Postal Service has tracked dog bite incidents of their employees. Sadly, Baltimore, MD is #15 on their list of the worst cities for dog bites on postal workers.

Delivery workers in general are also at high risk:

  • grocery delivery
  • pizza delivery
  • Amazon drivers
  • Shipt
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • Instacart and more

Other careers at risk of dog bites include:

  • landscapers
  • repair technicians
  • installers
  • in-home health aides
  • contractors
  • child care providers

Some on these lists are employees, while others are independent contractors.

For independent contractors, it can be much tougher getting the company to reimburse or pay for medical bills and other expenses.

Dog Bites and Workers’ Compensation

Worker’s compensation is mostly used in workplace injuries like accidents, or diseases and sickness related to the occupation. Depding on the situation, it will cover:

  • lost wages
  • cost of medical bills
  • disability and death benefits

As long as it happens on the job, workers’ compensation will still apply. In order to use workers’ compensation though, you will most likely have to prove:

  1. that you were working
  2. that the injury is from a dog bite
  3. In some cases, your employer may pressure you to quickly accept workers’ compensation. Not allowing you to question it very much.

    However, you should speak to a Maryland dog bite lawyer before you make any quick decisions. There are cases where you might be giving up your rights when accepting workers’ compensation. It is important you make a decision that is ultimately in your best interest.

    I Got Bit by a Dog at Work – What Do I Now?

    If you got bit by a dog at work here is a guide to use to protect your workers’ compensation claim, while also protecting your potential personal injury case.

    1. Immediately notify your employer
    2. Request a full injury report in writing
    3. See a doctor right away or as soon as possible
    4. Follow your doctor’s orders
    5. Inform your employer if the injury from your dog bite will prevent you from working
    6. Contact a Maryland dog bite lawyer to discuss a personal injury case and your workers’ compensation claim
      1. It can be extremely expensive to treat dog bites. Especially if they require physical therapy or mental health counseling.

        Your workers’ compensation will be able to help you with paying those bills.

        If you suffer a permanent injury the workers’ compensation commission may award you a sum of money. You will also have an additional value from the owner of the dog.

        In some cases, you may want to pursue both workers’ compensation and the individual at fault. However, if you got bit by a dog at work there may be strategic reasons to not pursue both money pockets.

        ENLawyers can help you with your decisions in what may become a complex strategy. Our extensive experience with Maryland dog bite cases will help you get the full compensation for the injuries you have suffered. Including:

        • bills
        • therapy
        • lost wages
        • pain and suffering

        Have Legal Questions About Dog Bites?

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