Last Updated: 05.04.2020

Summer is upon us… the beach, suntan lotion, fishing, and boating.. right?  Let’s not forget those spontaneous Maryland severe thunderstorms, that appear out of nowhere, right around rush hour about twice-a-week in the summer.  The kind where even though you slowed down to 45 mph you still can’t see, and boom you get into a rear-end collision.

You stop and exchange information or call the police and attend to anyone who is injured of course, but then the at-fault driver says to you “It’s not my fault look at the conditions, the road was so slippery I lost control.”

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer: Do Slippery Conditions Excuse Rear-end Collision Negligence? 

Under Maryland law, in most situations a driver who strikes the rear of a car in front is presumed negligent and “at-fault” for the rear-end collision.  But if the other driver claims they were driving carefully and tried to stop but couldn’t because the road was too slippery from the torrential downpour. Are they still negligent?

baltimore car accident lawyer

rear end collisions can happen anywhere to anyone.

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer: What’s the Emergency Doctrine?

The Emergency Doctrine releases the driver from fault if they are faced with a sudden condition/emergency, which they could not have reasonably foreseen (and did not create themselves), and then reacts in a reasonable fashion given the situation.  Often times in Maryland if a driver has a sudden heart attack or unforeseeable medical emergency while driving, the Emergency Doctrine will apply, whether it is a rear-end collision or a more serious collision.  Here, rest assured, the driver knew it was raining and should have anticipated the slippery conditions, the Emergency Doctrine will not apply and his constitutes negligence.

I was injured in a Rear-end Collision, now what?

First of all, if you’re in this situation, call your Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer at ENLawyers we will study your case and answer your questions thoroughly. If you are injured in a rear-end collision in the rain, or experience any other type of injury due to the negligence of another, or at work, contact your Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer at ENLawyers for a free consultation.  You may be entitle to compensation.