Last Updated: 08.30.2023

If you have been charged with Marijuana Possession in Maryland, and you do not have a criminal record, there are several potential outcomes. ENLawyers has taken the time to explain the options below.

Some people believe that they do not need a Baltimore Marijuana Lawyer if they are charged with a first-time marijuana offense, but that is a bad idea. Yes, Marijuana is not crack cocaine, heroin, or bath salts; but prosecutors still follow through on the charges, as it is still illegal.

Marijuana diversion is not a guarantee. Thus a Baltimore Marijuana Lawyer can help to obtain diversion, while also preparing for trial so that your rights are protected. This Baltimore Marijuana Lawyer actually won a marijuana case where the client did not have to attend diversion at all. Isn’t that reason enough to hire a Maryland lawyer from ENLawyers?

Marijuana Diversion in in Baltimore

Marijuana Diversion is an alternative to prosecution. Diversion programs are generally a 1-day combination of community service and drug counseling and/or education. Some programs are even completed online. State’s Attorneys Offices throughout the State of Maryland offer some sort of diversion program for first or second-time defendants charged with Marijuana possession.

However, a defendant’s eligibility may depend on the amount of Marijuana seized by police, criminal record, and the scenario in which the police arrested the defendant.

As such, it is very important to consult a Baltimore Marijuana Lawyer, as ENLawyers knows the diversion options in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, Harford County, and Prince George’s County. A Baltimore Marijuana Lawyer will make sure you are eligible for diversion, organize the program, and in some situations, convince the prosecutor to give diversion if a defendant was not eligible.

Will You Receive a PBJ for Marijuana Possession?

If a client is not eligible for diversion, it is a Baltimore Marijuana Lawyer’s responsibility to fight for their client to obtain a PBJ (short for Probation before Judgment). A Marijuana PBJ would signify that a client has not received a conviction, and would still have a conviction-free record for employment.

A PBJ would still involve a plea to Marijuana Possession, and PBJ for Marijuana generally would include some term of probation, and perhaps some community service.

The bottom line on Marijuana Probation Before Judgement

Seeking a lawyer for any charged crime is a wise idea.  A good Baltimore Marijuana Lawyer will fight for you to avoid even having to do a Marijuana diversion program if the evidence does not support it.  Recently we had a client who avoided having to do any community service because we demanded records of the officer’s dashcam and had the case dismissed outright.

Obviously our client could have done 8 hours of community service for the same result, but why should he if the police violated the law? Understand that defendants are less likely to serve time for Marijuana, however, it will still be a conviction on your criminal record and would count for subsequent offender sentencing purposes and/or if you are seeking a PBJ for a different drug.  In any event, avoiding a conviction is a good idea.  

Bottom line, if you find yourself charged with violating Maryland Marijuana laws, be sure to call your favorite ENlawyer, & Baltimore Marijuana Lawyer.