Last Updated: 05.06.2020

What is a prosecutor?

A prosecutor is a lawyer who works for the State, city, or county that represents the government in all criminal proceedings.  If you have been charged with a crime, these lawyers are the ones who handle your case after you have been arrested.  They can control the charges that are filed against you and in some cases the punishment.

Why does having a former prosecutor on my side help me?

Hiring a former prosecutor as your defense attorney can greatly improve the chances of a positive outcome to your case.  Because former prosecutors know how the State/city/county prepares for your case, they can better prepare a defense for your trial.  Even before trial, the experience gained as a prosecutor will help your Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer investigate the necessary aspects of your case so that they can better handle your case from beginning to end. As former prosecutors, we have tried hundreds of cases before Judges and Juries, so we know how to best prepare and litigate your case.

Hiring a lawyer who has no experience, or who has just graduated law school, would be like an NFL coach playing a Quarterback in the Superbowl who has never taken a snap in the NFL. Such lawyers may offer lower prices, but the potential consequences of hiring an inexperienced lawyer may not be worth it, if the inexperienced lawyer loses the case, and you receive a conviction or jail time. At ENLawyers, we’ve handled numerous cases in which innocent people were found guilty after trial simply because they hired an inexperienced lawyer who provided ineffective assistance of counsel at trial, or provided bad legal advice.

This is true especially with individuals facing immigration consequences. Many lawyers tell clients that it is okay to enter a guilty plea to certain charges, without any knowledge that such a plea could lead to the initiation of deportation proceedings. At ENLawyers, we study immigration law, work with immigration attorneys, and ensure that our clients are fully aware of all aspects of the case.

Why should I hire a Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer?

When you are charged with a crime, you need someone who knows criminal defense laws.  Having an attorney on your side who deals primarily with criminal defense knows the laws better than an attorney who practices other forms of law such as bankruptcy, patents, real estate, etc.  Just because your cousin may practice contract law doesn’t mean they are the best choice to handle your criminal case.  You wouldn’t go to the dentist for a sprained ankle would you?  That is why hiring a Baltimore Criminal Defense Lawyer who practices criminal defense is the best option for your case.

Ok, I’ve been charged with a crime, now what do I do?

If you have been charged with a crime, call your Baltimore Criminal Defense Lawyer immediately.  All of the attorneys at ENLawyers are former State’s Attorneys.  Their experience prosecuting cases in Baltimore City gives them the edge when preparing to defend you in court.  They have handled hundreds of cases as both prosecutors and defense attorneys, from speeding tickets to homicides.  ENLawyers offers free, 1-hour consultations to discuss your case.  Call us today to see how ENLawyers can be the ace up your sleeve.