Last Updated: 08.30.2023




I was in court last week representing a long haul truck driver on a speeding traffic ticket. The Judge in court was a retired judge, who is well known in the legal community for not cutting drivers any brakes  (pardon the pun).

With each case called, the drivers decided to enter guilty or not guilty pleas, however, in the end, no trials were won, and all of the results were the same-GUILTY! Not a single driver was offered a Probation for Judgment (PBJ, read here for a further explanation). None of the drivers asked the Judge to reduce the speed, reduce the fine, or even understood their post-trial rights. See, none of these people were represented by lawyers, so none of them knew the Judge’s propensities. Each and every driver left court that day with points on their driving record.

Many people believe that paying for a lawyer for a traffic ticket is a waste of money, however, this assumption can have disastrous consequences. Of course, there are stories of unrepresented people who go into court and find a way to “beat the system.” The internet is littered with such stories. However, this is not the norm, and of course, none of these same people who lose post stories or advice on the internet.  Someone even forwarded me a post the other day with ten tips for winning a traffic ticket in court. Other than the fact the post was written by a law student who never practiced in court, it was latent with bad advice. The law on traffic violations is largely state-oriented, thus consulting a lawyer with experience in the jurisdiction is supremely important.

What about out-of-state drivers?

If you are an out-of-state driver, please consider not paying the ticket immediately, as points will be assessed. For further information for out-of-state drivers, read this earlier post.

MARYLAND CRIMINAL LAWYER: So what can a lawyer do for me?

Simply, an ENLawyer can do the following:

  • explain the court process and procedures  in understandable terms
  • research the Judge and police officer(s)
  • represent you in court using factual and legal defenses
  • research case law involving the traffic infraction and prepare argument
  • effectively  litigate the case in court (presenting defenses and cross-examining civilian witnesses and/or police)
  • explain the consequences of the ticket, and available remedies in court, including post trial rights and motion

Bottomline on Traffic Tickets

These are just a few of the services our firm provides in such instances. Given that many jobs and insurance policies are contingent on clean driving records, I strongly suggest you think twice before being cavalier about court. Give your favorite ENLawyers a call, and we can assist you in trying to make sure your ticket and court experience do not leave you with increased insurance rates, a tarnished driving record, and a multitude of fines.