Last Updated: 05.04.2020

As you may know, ENlawyers believes strongly in appropriate court appearances and courtroom attire.  There is a strong correlation between how you look and prepare for your Maryland DUI and the outcome of your particular Maryland DUI.  Your Maryland lawyer Jeremy Eldridge previously blogged about it here.  The bottom line is simply showing up to court like you just rolled out of bed for your Maryland DUI is not enough to earn the Stet or PBJ.  We believe in a complete package for your Maryland DUI defense:

Maryland DUI; court apearances

Lindsay Lohan clearly (and finally) got the memo regarding appropriate courtroom attire.

  1. Prepare for your Maryland DUI like you are going to war
  2. Prepare to put yourself in the best possible position for a plea to a Maryland DUI.
  3. Put your best foot forward in court, to demonstrate to the judge that YOU understand the gravity of the charges you face and that you’re really not a bad person.  Showing up sloppy, disorderly, giggly, or drunk is a recipe for disaster.

Maryland DUI: Obviously this guy didn’t get the memo…–Man-shows-up-to-DUI-hearing-drunk.html?nav=742

A Blandburg man is in jail after allegedly showing up drunk Tuesday to his DUI hearing.

R__________, 52, of 155 ________Ave. was in Magisterial District Judge Fred B. Miller’s courtroom to sign paperwork to waive his preliminary hearing on driving under the influence charges for a May 26 vehicle stop when [Judge] Miller noticed that Franks smelled of alcohol.

The state trooper who initially arrested _________on Route 865 near Bell Tip and Grandview roads, walked outside and spotted an open 16-ounce beer on the console of Franks’ truck, prompting Trooper Craig Grassmyer to issue Franks a citation for having an open container of alcohol and Miller to hold a bail hearing.


Yeah, probably not a good idea to get sauced before your court appearances.  If you do, please recycle your cans; if you need to relax, find another outlet – like fishing.   Charged with a Maryland DUI?  Call a Maryland lawyer who will put you in the best position to exit the courtroom through the main doors, not the jailhouse doors.  Call ENlaywers.