Last Updated: 05.04.2020

Although most of our clients and blog readers know our firm for Maryland criminal defense, we also provide Maryland private investigation services. We have a licensed private investigator in-house, and our attorneys have prior law enforcement experience conducting investigations. We focus on small and medium-size business fraud and theft, but also delve into matters of spousal adultery. As such, this Maryland Lawyer would like to provide a bit of practical and legal insight into how you can catch a cheating spouse, and certain tactics to avoid.

Don’t be Elin Nordegen, Tiger Woods’ Ex-wife

Maryland Private Investigation

Oh Tiger!

If your spouse is cheating, then catch him/her cheating, do not start an altercation that can land you in jail, having to pay for a Maryland Lawyer to defend yourself against assault or malicious destruction charges, and ultimately could affect your employment and ability to get what you want during a potential divorce. Elin Nordegen destroyed the family SUV, supposedly hit Tiger with a golf club, and may have lied to police. This is an example of what NOT to do. I have heard numerous stories of distraught spouses who took out their anger on the spouse’s vehicle, including, but not limited to:

  • using deli meat to “burn” circles on the car hood
  • gluing sex toys to the hood or windshield
  • keying the entire car with imaginative names
  • letting the air out of tires, with or without a sharp object

Our Maryland Law Firm does not condone any of the above-listed activities, as all they accomplish is momentary pleasure, but lead to legal dilemmas. Be a long-term thinker, not a short-term thinker!

Maryland Lawyer says: Early bird catches the Philanderer

Maryland Lawyer, Maryland Private Investigation

the early spouse catches the cheater

When you are investigating your spouse, you want to make sure that you do not tip your hand too early. This is definitely a cat and mouse game, and you need a trained cat. Often times, a spouse who suspects infidelity, will compile a couple of suspect text messages and immediately confront their spouse. The spouse will deny, deny, deny…and get a new “drop” phone to hide his/her infidelity. Don’t be foolish, come meet with a Maryland Lawyer who can act as your Maryland private investigator, as we are trained to conduct such investigations. You need evidence to have leverage, and if you don’t have enough evidence, you will not be able to prove any illicit activity if you file for divorce.

Plan A is calling us, but don’t forget about Google Plan B

If you are a joint owner of your spouse’s cell phone, feel free to install Google Plan B. This application links to your spouse’s cell phone and sends you back an e-mail with GPS coordinates of the cell phone’s location. Normally, it is used to track a lost phone. In fact, while working at the Office of the State’s Attorney, during my former career, we used this app to track a colleague’s stolen phone, and recovered it within hours. Assuming your spouse, like most people these days, has his phone glued to his hip, this fancy application can be of great help.

Stop watching Spy Movies

If you plan on using the evidence collected in a court proceeding, like divorce or child custody, the evidence must be admissible. This means that it must be collected according to the Maryland Rules of Evidence. This Maryland Lawyer, and former prosecutor, working in conjunction with our network of Maryland private investigators, can gather this evidence lawfully. Please do not burgle your spouse’s workplace, car, boat, or the paramour’s either. Let us do the heavy lifting for you, so you look like an angel in court.

The Real Deal

If you really suspect that your spouse is cheating, then you need to contact our Maryland Law firm, and work with this Maryland Lawyer. With our help and ability, we can compile evidence, and advise you to handle the evidence, and how to proceed. We have a network of amazing divorce attorneys who we work with closely, and we can liaise with these lawyers to make sure you have the evidence you need for a trial.