Last Updated: 10.19.2020

Maryland Small Business Fraud Prevention Tips: Fixing problems

The Wolf Fixes Fraud Prolems

He fixes problems, similar to ENlawyers

At the Law Offices of Eldridge and Nachtman, LLC, we pride ourselves in helping our clients.  While we might have a bit of fun here and there, providing an excellent level of service to our clients is and always will be #1.  During the course of helping several of our business clients, questions have occasionally come up about what exactly our capabilities are to prevent theft and fraud for Maryland Small Business owners.  So, in this post, I decided that it would be helpful to answer those questions while examining the concepts of fraud and theft prevention through the eyes of TV shows and Movies.

Theft and Fraud: How WE Prevent It

There are many different tips and tricks to help deter and prevent fraud and theft in your Maryland small businessMany of them don’t require a lawyer.  Depending on your situation, however, here are some scenarios where a Maryland lawyer (with a toolkit full of experts) may be helpful to root out and prevent problems with your business.

  • Kitchen Nightmares – If you own a restaurant and have ever watched the show “Kitchen Nightmares” with Gordon Ramsey, you know that fixing the kitchen and food service is only part of the problem with any troubled business.  While Gordon Ramsey might turn your kitchen nightmare into a dream diner; many more restaurants will still fail because of theft, fraud, and lack of controls.
  • The SolutionThe Law Offices of Eldridge and Nachtman, LLC has a team of experts and assets that we can deploy to investigate may problems that plague Maryland small business (restaurants specifically).  From till-tapping to over-pouring; our group of assets has experience in undercover surveillance and detection of common theft and fraud schemes that drain hard-earned cash from your restaurant.  Depending on your nightmare, we will analyze the situation and send in a crew of covert operatives with specialized surveillance equipment.  Once completed, we will collect and preserve any evidence and deliver a report back to you.

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    Maryland's own Cafe Hon got a visit from Gordon Ramsay, but can he help you or do you need more?

  • Undercover Boss – Undercover boss, if you haven’t seen it, is a show where bosses go in disguise and have a “day in the life” of a regular worker at their own company.  One of the important lessons of that show is that management is often “out of touch” with the line workers.  In Undercover Boss, the companies are so large that the line workers don’t recognize the CEO and he/she can go undercover personally.  That obviously doesn’t work for your Maryland Small Business.  What if you feel out of touch or think something might be wrong in your plant, warehouse, or facility?
  • The SolutionThe Law Offices of Eldridge and Nachtman, LLC can utilize its experts to conduct a fact-finding mission.  Through covert operatives, video and audio surveillance, and other advanced eavesdropping techniques we can gauge your employees’ true emotional barometer.  We will observe and report to you on the true temperature of your workforce.  Additionally, we can utilize experts in the law, HR, and security to offer customized solutions to improve your workforce’s efficiency.
  • The Sting – In perhaps one of the greatest movies of all time, Robert Redford and Paul Newman figure a way to swindle a fortune from a mob boss.  What do you do if you think you, as a Maryland small business owner, are about to be victimized a la “The Sting?” You certainly don’t want to prematurely dismiss an employee who you think is up to no good.  You could open yourself up to a wrongful termination suit or worse.

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    Don't get conned by this guy, hire ENlawyers

  • The SolutionThe Law Offices of Eldridge and Nachtman, LLC will conduct its own sting on your suspected employees, either with marked currency or with other items designed to elicit and draw out suspected wrongdoing.  The transactions will be recorded with high-end covert surveillance technology and will be preserved for later litigation, if necessary.
  • The Office – I think we can all agree that NBC’s TV show “The Office” is filled with Human Resources pitfalls and perils. Just a shortlist of the issues include worker’s comp issues, EEOC complaints, workplace violence, and discrimination issues.  If you find your workplace looking more and more like a bad episode of TV’s “The Office”, brace yourself because a lawsuit could follow.
  • The Solution – If you have an HR issue at your Maryland small business, the worst thing you can do is close your “Office” door like Michael Scott. You must take action and call us.  The Law Offices of Eldridge and Nachtman, LLC will investigate and interview witnesses.  We can evaluate potential damages related to an HR issue.  Furthermore, we will prepare a case for litigation.
  • The Wolf – Yes, we’re referring to Winston Wolf of Pulp Fiction fame.  Mr. Wolf fixes problems.  Who should you call when you have a problem?  Your Maryland lawyer.
  • The SolutionThe Law Offices of Eldridge and Nachtman, LLC has a wide variety of experts in their Rolodex to solve your various Maryland small business problems, from accounting to HR to private investigations.  While we won’t be cleaning up Vinny Vega’s messes, we would like to help you out of any sticky situations you find yourself in.

Maryland small business owner next steps

If you have suspected wrongdoing in your Maryland small business; or have a fraud or theft in your midst, or need an HR investigation contact our office to arrange a consult. If you don’t, well just take it up with the Wolf.