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As former prosecutors in Maryland courts, we saw defense attorneys regularly fail their clients. Because clients are usually unaware of their own rights, many criminal and DUI/DWI MD law firm representation take advantage of this fact. In addition,

  • Other attorneys do not conduct extensive investigations into the crime.
  • Other attorneys fail to request discovery, which is permitted by the rules.
  • Other attorneys fail to fully test the state’s case.
  • Other attorneys fail to investigate the law-enforcement officers who make the arrest.
  • Other attorneys do not conduct independent investigations and interview all potential witnesses.
  • Other attorneys almost always fail to force the state to produce any discoverable material related to the case.
  • Other attorneys are afraid to go to trial.

This is a combination of lack of knowledge, fear, and laziness on the part of the attorney representing the client. However, it is rare that the client is aware of these issues. At ENLawyers, we promise that will not be the case.

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