Last Updated: 05.06.2020

Continuing our series of posts here at your favorite Baltimore Criminal Defense firm, “Traffic Lawyer Series” where we break down the exact charges you may face and what the State must prove for you to be guilty. 

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21-801.1 Maximum Speed Limits

According to Maryland Transportation Article 21-801.1, if there is no posted maximum speed limit you may not drive at a speed that exceeds the following limits: (1) 15 miles an hour in alleys in Baltimore County; (2) 30 miles an hour on all highways in a business district and undivided highways in a residential district; (3) 35 miles an hour on divided highways in a residential district; (4) 40 miles an hour on undivided highways in other locations; and (5) 55 miles an hour on divided highways in other locations.

The following fines and points apply:

Exceeding speed limit by: Fines Points Fines (Accident) Points (Accident)
1 to 9 mph $80.00 01 $120.00 03
10 to 19 mph $90.00 02 $130.00 03
20 to 29 mph $160.00 02 $200.00 03
Exceeding limit of 65 mph by 10 to 19 mph $160.00 02 $200.00 03
Exceeding limit of 65 mph by 20 to 29 mph $290.00 05 05
30 to 39 mph $290.00 05 05
40 mph and over $530.00 05 05

Traffic lawyer bottom line

If you find yourself charged with Speeding, you cannot go to jail, unlike some of our neighboring states.  However, It is not a charge to be toyed with lightly as the points associated with speeding could cause serious harm to your driving privilege and insurance costs.  There are, however, a number of good defenses and factors that can reduce your charge.  That’s why it’s so vitally important to keep your favorite Baltimore Criminal Lawyer’s number handy!