Last Updated: 05.07.2022

Baltimore Criminal lawyer’s watch-list for the Maryland General Assembly Session:

baltimore criminal lawyer, baltimore lawyer

(and the Senate) for this Maryland General Assembly session!

Last year, ENlawyers, your Baltimore Criminal lawyer, wrote several different posts examining the Maryland General Assembly session. 

Now, we are starting it all over again, but this time there are several different topics up for discussion.  Here is our 2013 watch-list and ENlawyers odds of passing.

ENlawyers breakdown:

  1. Guns & gun control – The Governor and speaker of the house have both vowed to implement a series of gun control measures in the wake of the terrible shooting in Newtown, CT.  They include a statewide assault weapons ban, to make high-capacity magazines illegal (any that holds 10 rounds or more), and to restrict the “gun show” loophole.  According to news reports, the governor does not want to ban all guns (which he cannot do under our Constitution) but will make all concerted efforts to curtail gun ownership in the State of Maryland.
    • ENlawyers Odds: You better stock up like a doomsday ‘prepper ’cause they gonna take your guns! (JUST KIDDING!!! However, the legislation will have the votes to pass)
  2. Death Penalty repeal– Gov. O’M yet says he has the votes to repeal the death penalty.   Speaker Busch will only let it out of committee if it has the votes to pass by a margin.
    • ENlawyers Odds: 50/50
  3. Speed Cameras – With recent news of flawed techniques being used with speed cameras in several Maryland Counties, the General Assembly has promised an investigation and some are calling for a referendum on the camera legislation itself.
    baltimore criminal lawyer, speed camera

    Nothing will get you madder than getting a speeding ticket in a parked car!

    • ENlawyers odds of some legislation: better odds than a fight between cast members of the Jersey Shore.
    • Speed camera repeal odds: NOT GONNA HAPPEN!  ENlawyers will continue to get speed camera tickets on a regular basis
  4. Campaign Finance reform – Maryland legislators want to adjust the way campaign donations are calculated and administered; also they want to increase spending and close some loopholes.   See here for more details.
    • ENlawyers Odds: 50/50
  5. Pit Bulls (for the dog lovers) – Last year, in a landmark decision, the Court of Appeals rocked dog lovers across Maryland with a decision in the case of Tracey v. Soleski.  Not so fast my friends, the Maryland General Assembly has apparently (or will try to) strike a deal to either reverse or narrow the court’s decision in Tracey v. Soleski.
    • ENlawyers Odds: almost as high as taxes going up.
  6. Fracking – Also known as hydraulic fracturing; along with wind energy, and septic system legislation are all major environmental topics for lawmakers this session.  As a resident of Northern Baltimore County and a person who drinks well-water on a regular basis, your ENlawyer is strongly opposed to fracking of any kind.  See here for more.
    • Enlawyers Odds: Not a chance in hell this governor will sign a bill allowing fracking (unless he needs big oil money to run for president in 2016).

Baltimore Criminal lawyer: Bottom line

Stay tuned to your dials folks, as this General Assembly session will be sure to be a bumpy ride!  Oh, and here are some things you won’t see: legalized marijuana, mandatory interlock for first offenders, and changes to the implied consent statute covering submitting to a breath sample when arrested for suspicion of DUI/DWI.  While we’re not lobbyists or soothsayers, as your Baltimore Criminal lawyer and small business lawyer, we do want to keep up to date on the new laws and changes; so call us with your legal problems!

HT: Baltimore Sun