Starting your own business is an exciting time.  The ability to be your own boss and create the business you want is the ultimate goal for entrepreneurs.  However, even if you are in the beginning stages of your concept and writing a business plan, or are an already established company looking to franchise, you need an experienced Baltimore Small Business Lawyer. Starting a new business can present legal hurdles that many people have never encountered before.  The ever-changing rules and regulations from healthcare to social media may impede your focus on how to grow your business.  Your Baltimore Small Business Lawyer is here to explain why hiring an experienced small business lawyer is never a bad investment.

A Baltimore Small Business Lawyer can help your business succeed.

Baltimore Small Business Lawyer: 5 ways a lawyer can help your business:

  1. Contracts

Contracts can be used for many different purposes. From online commerce to employee contracts, you need a lawyer who will create legally-binding contracts to help protect your business.

  1. Trademarks and Patents

If you have an idea or an invention you need to trademark your idea before someone else does.  An attorney can help you fill out the paperwork to ensure your idea stays your idea.

  1. LLCs and DBAs

Creating a name that catches the eye or simply ensuring the name that you want for your business is only yours is a task for your Baltimore Small Business Lawyer.  Your lawyer is well equipped to help you fill out and file your LLC and DBA paperwork and explain to you what is required when doing so.

  1. Negotiations

Whether you are deciding to sell your business or open a franchise, your Baltimore Small Business Lawyer can help with the process.  Our experience gives us the set of tools to ensure that the process goes smoothly and that all ‘t’s are crossed and ‘I’s are dotted.

  1. Legal Hurdles

Whether your business is just starting or you are wishing to expand, you need an experienced Baltimore Small Business Lawyer to navigate the legal hurdles required to expand your business.  Let the professionals handle the legal side while you concentrate on growing your business.

Baltimore Small Business Lawyer: The Bottom Line

Whether you are in the beginning stages of your business or are planning on expanding and franchising, you need an experienced Small Business Lawyer. ENLawyers has experience with representing businesses in many different fields.  We do not charge you for every phone call and are readily accessible to you when things happen.  We also offer free 1-hour consultations to discuss how ENLawyers can help your business succeed and grow.  Call us today!