Court commissioner

There are a large number of injustices in the world.  Most people go through their lives either not knowing about them or thinking that it couldn’t happen to them.  As a Maryland Attorney, my business partner and I routinely see small injustices like a violation of someone’s 4th amendment rights, a violation of someone’s right to an attorney, violation of Miranda, or some technical legal defect.  Our job, as attorneys, is to make the government accountable for those violations force the law to prevail.   [caption id="attachment_1383" align="alignleft" width="238" caption="This could be you, if the Maryland Courts hadn't changed"]This could be you[/caption] Few things were as unjust, however, as the commissioner complaint system in Baltimore City.  In Baltimore, unlike most other jurisdictions, a citizen can fill out a piece of paper, make a series of accusations, and file criminal charges against another citizen.  Sometimes these complaints even result in the issuance of serious felony charges along with arrest warrants and significant bails for those accused.  This all occurs without anything more than a person’s word.  No independent evidence is needed.  It could happen to anyone.


Imagine a scenario where you have a disgruntled co-worker.  That person takes it upon him or herself to make an accusation of assault or worse and doesn’t call the police but goes to the District Court Commissioner.
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