Last Updated: 05.06.2020

Clean this out and help Helping Up Mission!

Clean this out and help Helping Up Mission!

Let ENLawyers clean your closet!

As we approach Thanksgiving the Law Offices of Eldridge & Nachtman, LLC would like to reflect on the coming season and lend a hand to those less fortunate. To that end, ENLawyer Kurt Nachtman volunteers as a pro bono attorney for the men of Helping Up Mission.

But of course, we need to put an ENLawyers spin on it, so we added two contests.

How do you enter?

  • Between October 24 and November 24 we will be hosting a donation drive at our downtown office. You can drop off your donations between 9AM and 5PM Monday through Friday and we’ll take a collection over to Helping Up Mission on November 25th. The following items can be dropped off at the office for collection (from Helping Up’s website) :
    • Shampoo, full-size soap bars, body powder, and deodorant are ever-present needs. We also welcome donations of office supplies, cleaning supplies, and new Bibles.
    • Underwear (sizes L, XL, and XXL), socks, all sizes of jeans, and other casual clothes are constant needs. Cold weather clothing and hats are highly valued, as are all other donations of serviceable men’s clothing, including business wear and shoes.
    • We generally donate gently used business wear, suits, shirts, etc. The men at Helping Up’s recovery program use the business clothing to attend job interviews and re-enter the workforce.  However, all types of men’s clothing are welcome.
  • While we may take care of all your dirty laundry figuratively, we don’t want to literally.  Please have all the items clean and bagged appropriately.

The Contests:

  • The individual who donates the most items, in terms of gross weight, at our office, will win free representation at their next speeding ticket or have 2 free hours worth of legal work performed on their behalf (limited to our areas of practice).
  • In order to promote this contest, we are asking that you share this status update on your Facebook page. For every new like on our Facebook page between October 24 and November 24, 2014 we will donate $2.05 to Helping Up.

Added bonuses:

  • The QG, the Classic Department Store on Calvert and Lombard, has offered to provide anyone making a donation to Helping Up Mission through this clothing drive 10% off any clothing purchase* made at their new 5th floor Men’s Department. QG will also accept clothing donations during their normal business hours at their store.
  • Almack’s Coffee, (formerly Tribeca Coffee Roasters) located at 1210 N. Charles Street, has also agreed to liven up the contest by offering a coupon for a free small cup of French press for every person who makes a donation.  If you donate 5 or more clothing items, you will get a coupon good for a hand-poured cup of their excellent coffee.  If you haven’t had the experience of a hand-poured cup of coffee you are truly missing out!

How to help? Share our page and get us likes!

“Like” we said above, we’ll donate $2.05 to Helping Up Mission for every new like our Facebook page gets. $2.05 is a significant number because every $2.05 provides a meal for a homeless person at the mission for Thanksgiving.  Let us give 500 meals this Thanksgiving! But even more than “likes” on Facebook, Helping Up Mission needs clothing, toiletries, and other supplies so get down to our office and participate! If you want to participate in the contest, when you drop off the items, our law clerk will conduct a “weigh-in” to determine your donation size and record it for the contest.  Please remember, Helping Up Mission is a Men’s shelter, so Men’s clothing of all makes and sizes is appropriate.  And while we may clean your dirty laundry figuratively, we certainly don’t literally.

Helping Up Mission: What is it?

This description below is taken straight from their website, but it is completely appropriate. Moreover, based upon our experience in working with them, Helping Up Mission men conduct themselves professionally and demand excellence from all enrolled in the recovery programs.

Helping Up Mission provides hope to the poor and homeless. We do this through programs designed to meet their individual physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs.

We are both an overnight shelter and a destination for long-term addiction recovery. We believe every man is equally deserving of our help because every man is equally in need of God’s grace.

Learn more ways to help here.

*excludes Barbour clothing