Last Updated: 05.06.2020

Maryland Lawyer: Not the best way to make a living

It’s safe to say that everyone at one point or another has wished some cleaning gnome, Tooth Fairy, or Santa Claus would show up and miraculously clean the house.  Apparently, Sue Warren of Cleveland has taken that wish literally and decided to make a marketing strategy out of it.  Cleveland media has dubbed her the Cleaning Fairy.

The Cleaning Fairy & Maryland Criminal laws:

Good ole’ Sue would break into people’s homes, vacuum, take out the trash, and do the dishes. Sue then left them a bill for her services with her address (not a smart criminal).  She has now been caught doing it twice, once in Bay Village, Ohio (hometown of Maryland Lawyer‘s dad) and once in the nearby town of Westlake.  The victim quoted in the first story seemed more upset that Sue didn’t do a very good job and left a bill for her shoddy work.

Maryland Lawyer: Cleaning Fairy

Your Maryland lawyer wouldn't mind a visit from the cleaning fairy, just not a burglar

She’s in custody now and charged with Criminal Trespass, which, if the facts of the news article are correct, is a type of burglary in Ohio.  If she were in Maryland and faced the Maryland criminal laws  she would most likely only be charged with Burglary in the fourth degree, which is the breaking and entering into the dwelling of another.  She didn’t actually commit any crimes while inside, so there are no felonies she could be charged with (at least in Maryland).

Bottom line

What do you think?  Would you like a visit from the Cleaning Fairy?  Or would you be dialing 911?   If you find yourself charged with one of the Maryland criminal laws or if you get a visit from a cleaning fairy, be sure to call your Maryland Lawyer.  If you decide to reenact the cleaning fairy’s vacuum spree – be sure to do a good job, so the victim’s are happy with your service.