Last Updated: 11.05.2020

Let me guess…while driving through Maryland, and complaining about how poorly Maryland folk drive, you chose to get in the left lane and whiz right past all of the slowpokes. However, in doing so a police officer saw your vehicle traveling well over the speed limit and initiated a traffic stop.

Worried About Out-of-State Tickets

How will this affect my life?

I am sure that the first things that came to mind were the following:

  • How many points is this ticket?
  • Will I have to come back to Maryland?
  • Will this ticket affect my insurance coverage?
  • Will this ticket affect my insurance rates?

Rest assured, here is all of the information you need to navigate the process, and if you would like legal assistance after reviewing this free information, please contact our office, as we have had extremely successful results representing out-of-state residents on traffic tickets. As ex-prosecutors and experienced defense attorneys, we pride ourselves on fighting the good fight, while providing a high level of customer service.

It’s your record, protect it!

How many points does this ticket carry?

I have attached a link to the MVA webpage, that also comes in downloadable  PDF form. It will outline the points associated with the offense(s) listed on your citation(s). Please look at your citation(s) to see the offense charge, and then visit this link.

Do I have to come back to Maryland?

Maryland out-of-state traffic tickets

we love tourists, come visit!

If you are only charged with a fine-only offense, meaning the maximum penalty does not include incarceration, you do not have to come back to Maryland. While you could pay the ticket online,  you then guarantee a conviction in Maryland, thereby bypassing all viable alternatives. If you request a trial, however, other options become available. According to Maryland Law, TA 26-204, an attorney can waive your presence in court, and hold a trial, or plea and ask for conviction-free alternatives in court.

Let’s discuss the process and considerations…

You received a ticket. You now need to know if the points transfer to your state. Please refer to the Driver’s License Compact (click on link) which is an agreement between many states, incorporated into Maryland Law, which governs how and when traffic violations will transfer to your home state. Please check it to see if your state participates.

If your state participates, then the points may transfer, which means you may want a lawyer to fend off those pesky points and potential hikes in insurance rates. We can work with you to prepare the case for trial, challenge the police officer’s testimony in court, or get a copy of your state’s driving record to ask for a PBJ in court. Remember, if you ask for a trial, and the police officer fails to appear or is not prepared, we can get your case dismissed, which means you are NOT GUILTY!

What can a Lawyer do for me?

In Maryland, the legislature has created a legal fiction, by which you can be found guilty, but remain conviction-free. It is called Probation before Judgment (PBJ). If you are eligible for a PBJ, then we can work with you, present a good case to the Judge, without your presence in court, and your license can remain clean.

Will an out-of-state ticket cause my insurance rates to increase, or a lack of coverage?

There are other reasons to fight the ticket, even if you think 2-3 points may not affect your life. First off, please re-read your insurance policy if you do not already know how many points increase your rates, or alter your coverage. This is information you should have at your grasp before an event like this occurs. Please check with your insurance company, or refer to your policy.

Additionally, do you have umbrella insurance, a business insurance policy or a CDL. Points can drastically affect other types of insurance or commercial licenses in ways not often considered.

If you have a CDL, then you already know you may be in jeopardy of losing your commercial license depending on your driving history. It can also affect your employer’s willingness to continue to employ you, and your insurance rates. This is important, so consult a professional!

Bottomline on Maryland Out-of-State Traffic Tickets

There is almost no reason to pay the ticket outright without contesting it in court. By paying, you automatically waive all defenses, and sentencing alternatives. PLUS, our fees are very reasonable, and often times we can achieve a wonderful result without you even there. Please contact us if you have a traffic violation in Maryland, and are looking for quality, customer-friendly representation. Contact us now!