Last Updated: 05.07.2022

Treatment for a Repeat Offender

If you have been following our Baltimore DUI rantings, you’ll know that as Baltimore DUI lawyers, we place heavy emphasis on treatment in addition to defending your DUI, because not every case can be beaten (although many can).

As we tell every client, the difference between you getting a break on a case from a prosecutor or judge can be anything from how you appear in court to the work you have done in treatment. Why leave anything to chance?

But I don’t have a drinking problem

You may have been unlucky twice, but you MUST understand that while we believe you, the Judge and the Prosecutor will NOT and will assume that you have a drinking problem.  If you want a result without jail, you should enter treatment as though you have a drinking problem.  You should stop drinking, at least during the pendancy of your trial (because I’ve seen many judges ask if you have had a drink and the truth is much quicker than a lie).

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Getting treatment is an important part of any positive DUI outcome. Unfortunately most treatment facilities don’t look like this!

Punishment for a repeat DUI offender

While we have said before that jail is often not in the cards for a first-time Maryland DUI offender, for a second (or more) offense, it is always on the table.  You could be facing up to three years in prison with a mandatory jail sentence.  You will either lose your driving privilege or be on interlock for an extended period of time and you will face serious fines of up to $3000.  Understand, jail is the norm for a repeat offense and is almost always the prosecutor’s first offer.

How do I avoid jail time for a repeat Maryland DUI offenses?

We often recommend a minimum of an intensive one-weekend intervention program followed by 26 weeks of classes at a state-accredited program for alcohol treatment (Right turn, Columbia Addictions, or Gaudenzia).

Alternatively, you could seek treatment from a certified additions counselor on a one-on-one basis, such as Dr. Lawrence Fishel in Towson, who is excellent at providing addictions counseling.  In addition, you may want to consider attending AA meetings and getting into a relationship with a sponsor that makes you feel comfortable.

If you have other psychological issues, such as depression, bi-polar disorder, or anxiety, a dual-diagnosis program would be in order (like Sheppard Pratt or Mountain Manor).  Sometimes, as the situation may merit, a 28 day, inpatient, residential detox may be in order. It is important to note that each of these treatment solutions is case-by-case and should be discussed prior to entry.

The Bottom Line for a Repeat Maryland DUI Offenders

If you are a repeat offender, or a first-time offender, there is no magic potion for treatment.  Each treatment option should be carefully weighed given your circumstances, and frankly your financial situation. I have had many clients who had difficult financial situations avoid jail time by simply attending several AA meetings per week for the months leading up to court and bringing proof to the court. It was an extremely cost-effective solution to a difficult problem.

Whatever your situation, you need to discuss your problems with a lawyer who knows and understands all the facets of DUI law and treatment, because you cannot leave anything to chance with a Maryland DUI.  Call ENlawyers.