Maryland DUI/DWI laws

Baltimore DUI Lawyer: Treatment for a Repeat Offender

If you have been following our Baltimore DUI rantings, you'll know that as Baltimore DUI lawyers, we place heavy emphasis on treatment in addition to defending your DUI, because not every case can be beaten (although many can).  As we tell every client, the difference between you getting a break on a case from a prosecutor or judge can be anything from how you appear in court to the work you have done in treatment.  Why leave anything to chance?

Baltimore DUI Lawyer: But I don't have a drinking problem

You may have been unlucky twice, but you MUST understand that while we believe you, the Judge and the Prosecutor will NOT and will assume that you have a drinking problem.  If you want a result without jail, you should enter treatment as though you have a drinking problem.  You should stop drinking, at least during the pendancy of your trial (because I've seen many judges ask if you have had a drink and the truth is much quicker than a lie).

Baltimore County DUI: Saturation patrol v. Checkpoint

Many of you who read the news and our blog regularly see us posting information about DUI checkpoints and "saturation" patrols.  Courts and US Supreme Court case law generally favors the use of "saturation" patrols in Baltimore County and throughout Maryland, although as this DUI lawyer explains, often the results of a checkpointare much fairer to individuals stopped. [caption id="attachment_3116" align="alignright" width="106"]Baltimore County DUI, Maryland DUI, DUI, checkpoints MSP conduct saturation patrols regularly at the top of I-83 & 695[/caption] For example, this Baltimore Sun article discusses the Maryland State Police's recent DUI "saturation" patrol over the holiday weekend, citing in part:
Troopers from all 22 state police barracks "made their presence known" by conducting stops targeting drunken, distracted, aggressive and lead-footed drivers, as well as those without seatbelts on, state police said Monday.

Maryland DUI: Why on earth do I need to go to rehab?

As Maryland DUI lawyers and Maryland Criminal Defense attorneys, we get this question at least once a week, usually for a client who has their first-time run in with the law.  We've talked about it before, here.  Frankly, it deserves a second go-around, because the results speak for themselves: Clients who complete the programs we recommend get better results in court (from Nolle Prosequi, to Stet, to PBJ, to avoiding the slammer).

Maryland DUI: Prepare for the worst, demand the best

If you have followed our blog for any period of time, you know that we love to try cases, especially Maryland DUI trials.  Truth is Maryland criminal defense attorneys try less than 10% of their cases; if they tell you any different, they are lying.  WHY? For many clients, the "trial tax" is not worth the risk and the results are substantially better if they are able to negotiate a plea from the state.  Of course, our entire philosophy is to prepare your case as though it is going to be tried.  See herehere, and here.  But the reason you hire a lawyer is so that you don't have to worry about preparing your defense...let us prepare all possible defenses in your case.  The homework that we, and any good Maryland DUI lawyer will give you is to successfully complete treatment program that suits your needs.  That is you, doing everything in your power, to prepare for the worst (i.e. having to take a plea bargain).
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